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Hi Friends! So glad you popped by to visit. At Sassy's Table, our hope is to entertain, educate, but most of all inspire you - in the kitchen, and around the table. I'm a food curious explorer, and live to share all the things I love most. You'll find information about food, some recipes, my "attempts" to grow food in my kitchen garden, interesting places, and people in the world of food, and beyond. Come along and enjoy this adventure with me.

Welcome to Sassy's Table, where everyone is welcome, and where everything's on the table.

COVID statement: After losing my job in the fall, this passion project is now become my full time endeavor. My desire is to work only for myself, and share it with all of you. I appreciate your being here, and your support!

It was a pleasant Sunday morning in March. There was a light, tropical breeze, the sun had been up about an hour, and it was a comfortable 70 degrees. It was on this day in Miami, a little baby was born with a silver tasting spoon in her mouth.   Unknown to all at the time, a foodie had been born.

From a tender, young age I have always loved food, cooking, dishware, and everything food related.  Ordering Shirley Temples and shrimp cocktails at age 5, to cooking for my family, to collecting recipes like an older woman in a sewing circle, my life has forever revolved around food.

My career had a wide scope, but always a common thread of food. Even before I graduated from college I was doing regional marketing for a national chain pizza restaurant, Pizza Hut. This made me extremely popular with friends, as one of the perks was free pizza. A college dream!

After graduation, I went back home to Florida, but shortly moved to Raleigh, North Carolina when I took a job with a Japanese Food Company, Kibun Products International. At the time, it was one of the largest food brands in Japan. I was in the newly established US headquarters, working to introduce products to the US market. The base product was surimi, or imitation crabmeat made from Alaskan Pollock. I will never forget my first career presentation of the annual Advertising & PR plans, to a room where only a handful of people spoke English, and one was the Japanese interpreter! That day, and in the frenetic paced two years, I learned a lot.

Next up was a ten year gig with a major snack food producer, known for meat snacks, savory snacks, and baked goods distributed and (literally) available everywhere, GoodMark Foods (ConAgra). There were nine different brands, and I was involved with all of them in advertising, creating marketing materials, promotions, packaging, food photography, licensing and merchandising, to corporate events and hospitality.

I then spent a few years marketing a group of phenomenally talented commercial photographers at Stone Soup Productions. My favorite photoshoots were always the food clients. A lesson I had already learned earlier in my career, never eat any food on the set, as looks can be deceiving.

Working for a Health & Wellness Agency led me to work with some great Fortune 500 Brands in both food and pharma. Pulse Health & Wellness promoted their products to both consumers, and the healthcare community, through unique programs and events.

For almost ten years, I worked in the retail environment as a General Manager for two different specialty high-end gourmet brands - Williams Sonoma & Sur la Table. I taught many of the cooking technique classes to customers, where I expanded my culinary repertoire while improving my own cooking skills.

And on my own over the years as Sassy's Table, I've taught cooking classes, written a local food column, sold homemade goods at a local farmer’s market, created signature food products, and crafted grazing boards, and catered many events.

Food is my passion…where any travel becomes a food field trip, entertaining family and friends centers around food, I keep a list of "kitchen projects" to try and test, and most of my waking thoughts include food.

To me, food is LOVE.

Simply stated, food is my muse.

And it all leads here...welcome to my table, Sassy's Table.



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